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This is my pal Kate. She plays the trumpet. (uh..duh.)I've known Kate since second grade! We both started playing our instruments then, and it was lots of fun.We were the youngest ones wherever we went..but anywho

Kate was in my artclass this year, and we had a great time. We studied for history, we made fun of the freshmen, I let her borrow Magic Rub, she gave me a Magic Rub.. *sob* Oh, those were the days! Seriously though^_^ Kate is one cool chica. She owns the neatest part of Maroon chucks, and they're hightops! Hehe, although I must admit, they're not as cool as mine^_~

Kate is in a band called Spacker. They're a nifty band, they all play guitars or anything! They played at Romina's party, and it was splendid! I was Kate's biggest fan.. I kept screaming "I love Kate!!" and "Take it off!" and "I want you to father my children, Kate!" and she laughed and laughed, and then, to my utter delight, she dedicated a song to me! *swoon* It was the greatest day of my life! lol..

Bertone-one-one! This is my pal Chris. But almost everyone calls him Bertone..that being his last name. I met him at good ol' Central Middle School, where we kicked major boot-ay in the Central Middle School Band (WOOOOOO!!). Bertone also owns a sweet pair of chucks..actually, he's had several. My personal favorites were his green high tops (no.. I'm not obsessed with chucks *nervous laughter*)

Bertone is great. He also has a big Italian family, and its nice to be able to talk to someone who knows what it is like, and to talk about our grandmothers cooking! heehee, He's the only one I'll share my grandmothers biscotti with when I bring it to school for lunch (insert Liz drooling here)

The darling to the left is Noha, one of my favorite-est people in the whole wide world. Isn't she just so cute?? heehee
I met Noha at the Morans house one summer night.. she goes out with Chris, and they're such a cute couple, heehee^_^ We bonded over socks, because as everyone knows, socks are fun (and I found out today theres a hole in my favorite pair of socks *sob*)

Noha used to go to Quincy, but we've managed to draw her off the path to the darkside.. I mean.. uhh.. ^_^;; We've convinced her to go to North.. everyones going to North now!! wooo!!!

But seriously, I love Noha..she's got so much energy, and she's just so much fun to be with. hehe, I don't know if I'll ever be able to bring myself to go to the Garment District with anyone else!!

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