Mercury in Hell
by Ten/Mark

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PLOT: To qoute the story itself: A new creature was born of pain. Fueled by hate. Addicted to perpetual orgasm. This is Ami Mizuno, Queen of Spiders.
NEW CHARACTERS: Inummerable spiders and rats, a girl named Echo
LENGTH: 14459 words
RATING: Hentai

COMMENTS: It's not every day that I can say a fanfic stunned me to silence. Quite literally. But then again, there are just some plots so outlandish, some dialogue so incomprehensible, and some sex scenes so...out there that once in awhile, I just might be blindsided by a fanfic and be rendered entirely speechless for a good twenty minutes. Ladies and gentlemen, this is that fanfic - a trainwreck worthy of this archive.

To summarize it as best as I can (to say the plot is incomprehensible without mutiple readings is an understatement) - basically Ami, before she can become Mercury, merges with and becomes a rape spider, proceeds to impregnate Minako with rats (rats? with spiders?...) and shatter her insanity, among other things, and tries to take over the world while destroying Beryl. Pluto could have stopped it but the spiders stop her from helping; meanwhile Mars steals Mamoru away from Usagi while having a dead man's orgasms (i.e. the king of Mars, who started this whole mess), and OOCness abounds everywhere. Oh, and Jupiter gets the ability to turn into a fertility goddess and grow teeth in her vagina. That's right. They grow in a place where teeth shouldn't be grown. Period.

Speaking of Jupiter's new teeth...what's with Umino and Nephrite? Honestly, don't those two have enough problems in canon without the author adding to them? Especially Nephrite - he gets the shaft big time in some way in all four major incarnations of the story. (Yup, I count Sera Myu. I like it.) It's like the author didn't think he'd suffered enough or something. And when it comes to Umino's background in the most recent chapter...yeah, let's just say it's a way to make a bad story worse.The author may be going for a shock value-filled alternate universe, but quite frankly? Readers are lucky if they can figure out what the hell is actually going on, aside from the various creative (not to mention slightly disturbing, even as mediorce as the language is) sex scenes and constant mention of gigantic liquid-spewing boobs (those boobs belonging to the various senshi, of course) which emerge from the depths.

The only good thing is that the two people who are even remotely IC - Queen Beryl and Sailor Moon - barely appear in the story (that whole flashback about Beryl's, er, origins notwithstanding). Unfortunately, if the upcoming future chapter at the time of this writing is any indication, Sailor Moon will be sufficiently destroyed as well when - or if - the new chapter comes out. Let's just hope there're no more vaginal teeth to be had.

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