Just a diet
by Sailormoon5645

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PLOT: After she is made fun of one too many times as being too fat, Serena becomes anorexic. Can anyone save her from herself?
NEW CHARACTERS: Doctor David Celeron
LENGTH: 6251 words

COMMENTS: Aah, another entry from the author of Desiered Love. And its one about anorexia. Gotta love those anorexia fics, huh?...Put the gun down, I was kidding...

Honestly, it becomes apparent that the author did zero research on anorexia, save perhaps something from her school textbook. It's not an instant thing that suddenly comes and goes forever like the flu, or something can be cured just like that. And seriously, some of the effects of anorexia are not pretty - for example, if you are anorexic, it is possible for the skin under your fingernails and toenails turn purple due to improper nutrition, which in turn can cause poor circulation. It can also cause osteoporosis in teenagers, and makes their bones audibly creak, makes their ankles swell, causes lanugo hair and internal bruising....

But enough about that, let's talk about Serena and Darien. Their love/hate relationship is a lot like that in Desiered Love - people get in their way, Serena becomes hysterical at the slightest sign of Darien so much as batting an eyelid at another girl, they get back together, they split apart, they get back together, they all live happily ever after. Then there's that archetypical Big Bad Teenaged Bitch who wants to split them up. But since Raye was too busy going through therapy due to her characterization in this author's previous story, of course, the Big Bad Teenaged Bitch of this fic is Beryl. Again.

Seriously, this is, what, the ten billitonth story where she's the evil Mean Girl wannabe from hell? With the way the fandom treats her, she needs to sue for libel. She'd probably win on this story, for sure.

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