Welcome to "Sights and Bytes"

This site is dedicated in loving memory of the greatest
television show to ever grace the airwaves during
the brief history of popular American culture...

My goal is to make "Sights and Bytes" THE one-stop site for
sound samples (mp3s) relating to all eighteen fantastic episodes
of the show that unfortunately has come and gone all too quickly.
Nevertheless, it surely has left its mark on not only me, but also
a die-hard, underground legion of fans that have embraced the show,
even feverishly enough for some of them to organize on-line groups
and letter-writing campaigns dedicated to saving the show.
So this is my tribute to the little show that was never able
to achieve its full potential, yet somehow seemed to make
an incredible impact on myself and many others.  Enjoy!


Since I've run out of free space, I've expanded this site to include
more audio clips, an Undeclared section, more quizzes and information
about Freaks and Geeks.  Please click below to visit the site, which is still
under heavy construction...


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February 26, 2002

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