Recent Additions to "Sights and Bytes"


February 26 - Links Page - Several new F&G links added!

February 8 - Sister Site - Lots of new Undeclared pics!  Also, updated Undeclared Episode Guide!

January 27 - Sister Site - more mp3s of Mike Andrews' original music!

January 21 - Sister Site - Complete Freaks and Geeks Episode Guide, complete with cast info, credits, and music notes!

January 12 - Links Page - New F&G site listed!
                    Sister Site - mp3s of Mike Andrews' original music from the show!


December 16 - ADDITIONAL WEB SITE ADDED - "More Sights and Bytes" (aka "Sister Site")
                    Undeclared Page - Several cast pictures and Episode Guide added!

November 6 - Gallery Page - New photo of Nick in "Freaks" Gallery!
                       Links Page - Another F&G quiz added!

August 20 - Gallery Page - New photos have been added in ALL galleries!
                    Links Page - 2 new links have been added!

June 27 - Quiz #2 - The official "Sights and Bytes" Quotations Quiz has been added!

June 9 - Audio Page - New audio clips from the episodes, "The Little Things" and "Discos and Dragons"

June 2 - Links Page - More new fan sites, cast sites and chat transcripts added!
           Cast Page - New characters added!
           Quiz - A new Quiz has been created because the others were deleted due to site construction at Quizbox!

May 26 - Links Page - New F&G and Linda Cardellini sites added!
            Cast Page - Brand new Cast Page features character favorites, quirks, and quotes!

May 17 - Gallery Page - New Photos in the following galleries: "AND," "FREAKS," and "GEEKS"

May 15 - Links Page - 3 new chat transcript links added!

May 11 - Audio Page - 13 audio clips from the episode "Smooching and Mooching"

May 4 - Audio Page - 13 audio clips from the episode "Noshing and Moshing"...finally!!!

May 2 - Links Page - New John Daley Fan Site link added...some very cool pics and video captures!

April 27 - Links Page - Freaks and Geeks quiz links added, as well as chat transcripts and a sociological study
           Gallery Page - "AND" section - new shots of the Weirs and Mr. Kowchevski
           Weirs Page - Sam's Scrapbook - Sam's caricature from the episode "Looks and Books"

April 21 - Music Page - Nick's version of "Michael Row the Boat Ashore" with help from Ken and Daniel

April 20 - Links Page - New Linda Cardellini Fan Site
            Music Page - Finally...Nick's touching ballad, "Lady L"

April 10 - Links Page - Several new links added, including new Fox Family Site, articles links and more!

Coming Soon...

Rare audio clips from out-takes of "Tricks and Treats"!

I've also been busy scouring the Internet
for unusual pictures of cast members.

Keep coming back for more updates!