"Sights and Bytes"
Last updated on 2/26/02

Freaks and Geeks Links

The official Freaks & Geeks site...click above!

"More Sights and Bytes: A Companion Site"

Freaks and Geeks @ Fox Family Channel
Check out their Freaks and Geeks pages!

Freaks & Geeks stuff, among other things!

The Unofficial Fan Page
More insight on the show!

Dom's Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks @ Crudpants

Freaks and Geeks @ Tripod

Freaks and Geeks @ 8m

Teshika's Freaks and Geeks Site

Amy's Freaks and Geeks Site

MY Freaks and Geeks Page

Stuff about the show!

Mighty Big TV
Yet even more stuff about the show!

Freaks and Geeks Episode Guide

Stuck in the 70's
Freaks and Geeks pages, among other things!

Ooops...mistakes in Freaks and Geeks episodes!

Optic Nerve Gas
Fantastic (long) article about Freaks and Geeks!

Jump the Shark
Comments, quotes and praise about the show!

Celebrity Desktop
Freaks and Geeks desktop themes and wallpaper!

Freaks and Geeks in the classroom
A sociological study on the show and its cast!

Michele's Freaks and Geeks Tribute
Cool new site with lots of info!

Freaks and Geeks @ Homestead

Freaks and Geeks Web

Freaks and Geeks vs. Undeclared Discussion Board

Cast Member Web Sites

Paul Feig's Homepage

Linda Cardellini Fan Site

Linda Cardellini @ Topcities

Linda Cardellini Page

John Francis Daley's Fan Site
Some great pics of John as Sam!

John Daley Fan Site
Lots of cool video captures of Sam!

James Franco 2001

James Franco Fan Site

Sarah Hagan Official Web Site
Plays Millie

Jarrett Lennon Official Site
Plays Colin

Jason Segel Fan Site

Official Michael Beardsley Web Site
Plays Humphries


McKinley High
The best and largest Yahoo fan club!

Freaks and Geeks Forever
Another Yahoo fan club!

Chat Transcripts & Interviews

Awesome 3-part Interview with creator Paul Feig! 

Great article about the show! 

Cast Members

Teen Hollywood with Samm Levine

Samm Levine @ React.com

John Daley and Seth Rogen

Link Sites

Ultimate Freaks & Geeks Links

Freaks and Geeks Articles and Interviews

Freaks and Geeks Articles @ Dencity


The official "Sights and Bytes" Quiz

The Official "Sights and Bytes" Quotations Quiz

The "Sights and Bytes" Quiz #3

The "Sights and Bytes" Quiz #4

The "Sights and Bytes" Quiz #5

Undeclared Links

Official Undeclared Producers' Site!

Undeclared Yahoo! Club

Related Links

The Shameless Neil Peart Page
Very nice fan site dedicated to the best drummer in rock music!

The official National Midnight Star page, the best source for Rush-related info!

Personal Links

Cosmic Vending Machine
Original music recording project featuring Ffej on various instruments!

Planet Ass
Ffej's web site features his tape trading list, personal info, and musical projects!

The Upper Crust
Community of original recording artists, featuring several projects including Ffej!

Number Nine
PA's premier all-Beatles band...Ffej is the drummer!

Right Turn Clyde
Another fine band featuring Ffej on drums!

Miscellaneous Links

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