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3D Animation

3D Modelling

 3D Artists An excellent site displaying 3D work from a wide variety of sources. I must say some of this work is the best I have seen so far, with items from fantasy to real life scenes. The site also has an interview section where some of the artists talk about their work etc. The tutorial section, which covers 3DS Max, Lightwave and Softimage, contains a vasts amount of tutorials. With a user forum and Job Center, this site has got it all for you.


3D Game Production

 3D Game Studio The home of the 3D game design software I will be using on this game project. This site also has a vast choice of links to help you with game design and anything associated such as modelling. The forum is also a useful resource if you need a question answered.


3D Games In Production

Incomplete Dominance This is a fairly new site for someones game project. It includes a links page and a section about the game project. At the time of this post the site is still under construction.


LANers Pages

 The LANers page Site about a group of mates who got together and formed a group called "LANers". They enjoy playing games like Diablo 2, AOK, AOE, Quake3 on a LAN(Local Area Network) Site contains various "works" of different members of LANers suchas Programs, Softimage Modeling, Basics Education and even mIRC Scripting...


To get you site listed in any of the categories above or to suggest a new category then simply e-mail me the site URL to the address shown in the navigation bar on the left, and I will take a look at the site and add it as soon as I have given it a visit.