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  Posted by: Fuxer
Date: May 26, 2002, @ 9:00pm
Topic: E3 Madness!!
Source: GCU
   I've been adding since last wednesday some E3 pics!!I've added 10 new pic pages : 1080: White Storm, Eternal Darkness, Mario Party 4, Metroid Prime, 2 new Starfox DP galleries,some new Mario sunshine pics, The Hobbit, THPS 4 and Zelda GC!!!oh and also go and check the boards.I've putted some URL of incredible must-see movies!
  Posted by: Feather 97
Date: May 18, 2002, @ 9:38am
Topic: New URL
Source: GCU
     Just making a very small update. Just saying that i have made a new url for the site. It has 1 less pop-up, witch is good. So now go to It just better, but the one still works if you want to use it. And GO JOIN THE BOARDS. thanks.
  Posted by: Fuxer
Date: May 18, 2002, @ 11:11pm
Topic: Pics!
Source: GCU
     I've done 2 new pics page!!!Kameo: Elements of Power and Phantasy Star online 2 are the new ones.
Oh and  I'm back!!And im ready to post more pics than ever. so i've done a SpiderMan pic page and an X-men Pic page for you also...enjoy!
Note:I will mainly work on pics but  I might put up more cheats.
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