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DOOMTOWN: The World's Greatest CCG

Doomtown is based on Pinnacle Entertainment's popular role-playing game "Deadlands." It presents an alternate history timeline where horror abound and the dead won't stay buried. Strange characters and creatures abound as well as odd places.

Doomtown is a game of gun-slinging. Dudes in the game have bullet ratings and this helps determine the number of cards a person draws to create a poker hand in a shootout. For example, Blackjack is a 5 stud. In a shootout by himself, this nefarious gunman gets to draw 5 cards (normal poker hand size + 5 extras for being a 5 stud) This makes Blackjack one of the best shooters in the game.

Doomtown is a game of spell-casting. Hucksters work hexes, Blessed work miracles, and Shaman work spirits. Each spell has a difficulty. For example, a huckster with a skill rating of 2 who tries to work a hex that has a difficulty of 6 must pull the top card of his deck. He gets to add his skill rating and if the card + his skill rating exceeds the difficulty- KABOOM it works.

Doomtown is a game of gadgets. The game is chocked full of eccentric scientist characters who make Doc Brown of "Back to the Future" look like Albert Einstein. Gadgets are created using the pull method described above in the spell section. For example, a gadget that has a difficulty level of 4 would be fairly easy to create by a scientist with a skill level of 2 or higher. In case of gadgets, the scientist must "boot" (sort of like Magic Tapping) in order to create the gadget and pay the cost of materials as WELL as make a successful pull. Otherwise the gadget falls apart and is discarded.

Doomtown is a game of Chess. Players build and move around the town in an attempt to take control of the town. If at any point one player has more control points (usually on deeds in play) than the other player has influence (on dudes in play) the game is over. A player takes control of a deed by having dudes with a total of more influence at the deed than his opponent. If there are no opposing dudes at a deed its control belongs to its owner.

Doomtown, though no longer being published, (the license is currently held by Alderac Entertainment Group) has a great deal of player support. For example, Steve Wales has created a database/card manager program for deckbuilding, card management, etc. But he didn't stop there! No, Steve has adapted Apprentice, a program for playing Magic Online for use to play Doomtown online! For more on that, check out Steve Wales website listed in the links below.

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