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The Final Weapon

Release Dates:     ---Megaman X7--- USA: ?    Japan: ?     ---Megaman Zero--- USA: Sept. 2002    Japan: Released     ---Megaman Battle Network 3--- USA: ?    Japan: ?     ---Rockman and Forte Advance--- USA: ?    Japan: Aug. 4 2002

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Long Time No Update- Wednesday, June 19, 2002
update by NitemareZER0

I'm feelin' super lazy lately. Between sitting on the couch eating and trying to 100% GTA3 I'm so bored I could puke. But on the plus side I made a new Fan Art today. It's of Bass in a MMX-style armor. It's not that great but it's my first serious attempt to use my computer to color things. Also, Megaman Battle Network 2 is out so go buy it and enjoy more net battling!

Nothin' New- Sundayday, June 9, 2002
update by NitemareZER0

As the title says, there really is nothing new today. There is one thing, though. I just recently completed Megaman Xtreme 2 and I had no idea how good it was! I've updated my Review of the game with new screens and thoughts on the game. In a week I'm done with Final Exams so I'll have lots of time to work on the site, plus catch up on MM games I have not beat. Gotta do somethin until MMX7 comes out, right?

R&F Advance- Friday, June 7, 2002
update by NitemareZER0

Some new Megaman news today, as Games Are Fun has some info on Rockman and Forte Advance. It will be released August 4 2002 in Japan, and it is not known yet whether this game will finally make it to the States. They also stated that it is a direct port of the original. Seeing how I've already beating the original R&F, I would've preferred a new game, but I'm just glad the game will get new life. It's been almost 6 years with no original series Megaman game here. Megaman 8 was the last one. We need this!! Hopefully Capcom will wise up and release it here! Also, rumours are going around that MMBN 2 has been released early. Can't confirm that though. How do you like the little animation I made? It sucks, I know...

Official Opening! Kinda..- Thursday, June 6, 2002
update by NitemareZER0

I've decided I'm gonna re-open the site a little early. It was boring with no people coming. Some things may not work, but here's what does as of now: Most of the Original games section, Around 1/2 the X section, the MM Zero section, Fan Art, Comics, and I think that's it. You'll notice release dates for upcoming Megaman games scrolling across the top of the page. They will stay up there untill they are released in both regions. I'm working on completing the site, but for now, enjoy what's done!

The New Layout- Wednesday, May 29, 2002
update by NitemareZER0

Alright!! The new layout is coming along nicely! Amazing what some tables and spiffy images can do, huh? I'm the only one who can see this right now, but I'm just testing the update tables. All that stuff over there will work eventually. Sweeeet.