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Electro Cave
Electro CaveElectro CaveElectro Cave
Electro Cave

Electro Cave Raytrace Gallery

Welcome to my gallery of raytraced images I made with Pov-Ray. I've put most of the images on a separate page for faster loading times, click here to go to the page or click the picture below. The pictures are of a scene I made with a temple on an island. There are 18 images on the page so please be patient while it loads.

Click for pictures of my island temple scene

Anyway, here are a few other miscellaneous raytraced images. Click for larger image.

Click to view larger image

A marble object on a hill.

Click to view larger image

Oh no, a reflective sphere. I was experimenting with some stuff in Pov-ray and I thought this render looked quite nice.

Click to view larger image

A step pyramid in the desert.

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