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Electro Cave
Electro CaveElectro CaveElectro Cave
Electro Cave

You are at ELECTRO CAVE. Choose your Destination.


Sam the Skateboarder section!

3d raytrace gallery

Some raytraced 3d Pov-ray images.


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Here are some fun links: Nature's harmonic simultaneous Time Cube Creation. Discovered by Gene Ray (the Wisest Human and Greatest Thinker). Cubic Awareness Online.

News & Updates

Monday 29 November 2004. Check out Cubic Awareness Online!

Friday 26 September 2003. changed their counter code! Wassup wit dat??!?!

Tuesday, 24 June 2003. Added a few links to the site.

Saturday 7 June 2003. Well I submitted my raytraced pictures section to a POV-Ray ring in like January, but nothing happened for a few months. Good thing that the guy who runs the ring hadn't completely forgotten about its existence, recently my page finally got added to the ring. Thanks to that guy, this site might actually start getting some hits! Yeah! Well today I improved the raytraced pictures section. Check it out d00dz.

Sunday 5 January 2003. I've updated the site with some 3d pix.

Tuesday 12 November 2002. 3y3 4m 4n 31337 h4x0r d00d! w'sUp!! j00 r st00pid & 3v1l f0r 1gn0r1ng t3y3me k00b.


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