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It is possible to play Scrabble (Version 1) without using your CD. All you have to do is follow these instructions:

  • Open your Windows browser (right click on the Start button and click on Explore)
  • A window will open, and you'll see the contents of your startup menu. Scroll up and find your hard drive (C)
  • Find your Scrabble folder and rename it (right click on it and select Rename File). Choose a name you will remember, such as Scrabble1 or ScrabbleV1. You will get a warning saying that renaming a file may affect other programs. Click on OK.
  • Now, find your Scrabble CD on the left hand side. Click on the icon and you'll see the files it contains. Find the folder named Scrabble. Click on it and drag it to the left hand side to your hard drive (C:)

  • You'll see a small window showing the files being copied. This will create a new file named Scrabble in your hard drive - that is why it was important to rename your old file.

  • We're almost done... hang in there :)
  • If you are a Zone player, you'll need to download and install the patch. As your Scrabble program is in the "Scrabble" folder, you'll have no problem, since that is the default folder. Should you get a window asking to overwrite the file, click on OK.
  • If you were using the color fix patch, you'll need to reinstall it. You'll find detailed instructions in the "Patches" section.
  • You may want to run the program now. (Your old icon should work) It will say it is testing the CD speed. This is regular procedure.
  • If the program ran OK, you can delete the renamed folder and ... Guess what?
  • You're all set!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please