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Baibis' Scrabble® Cuate Site

Links to other Scrabble sites
Links to sites where you can play word games
Basic study word lists
How to install the Scrabble CD
Tips to play online
  The following is a list of sites created by some
  online players:
  Here are some links to other sites with useful or fun


Cyberwolf's Scrabble® Den (Cyberwolf_001)

You will be able to find Word lists, game tips, and links to other interesting sites.

Joyce's Scrabble® Mania (JoyceP)

Many tips including 27 Bingo stems, recommended reading, more tips to play on the Zone, graphics, plus a patch to play Scrabble® Version 1 on a higher color resolution.

Scrabble® Junction (Julie_Bean)

Lots of information, including full instructions on what to do in order to play Scrabble without the CD, downloadable patches to play Scrabble® (version 1) on a higher color resolution, and Scrabble® (version 2) without the CD, links to other gaming sites.

From AA to ZYZZYVAS (ginkgoes)

Many, many word lists and tons of Scrabble®-related links

Zone Scrabblers (misgivingz)

Meet Zone Scrabblers. Misgivingz has made a wonderful photo album of people who play or have played on the Zone.




The Official Worldwide Scrabble® site. Links to US and Canada or the rest of the world. Includes some games, anagram builder, the history of Scrabble®, tips and tools, among other items.

National Scrabble® Association

General information on the NSA, club roster, tournaments, "Word of the Day", online store, etc.


Sass Brown Designs

A wide selection of items including Scrabble® letter tile jewelry, bookmarks, key chains and ornaments.


If you have any questions or suggestions, or if there are links you would like to see added to this website, please