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My Car


This is a page dedicated solely to my beloved car, a 1969 AMC Ambassador. It is a very nice car (at least in my opinion), faded red in color. It's a 4-door sedan, with a 3.8 liter inline 6-cylinder engine. It's a semi-restoration project for me, because I don't really want to restore it (that would require horrendous amounts of time and money), but I want to make it functional. That means I'm gonna customize it, heheh. And by customizing, I mean eventually reversing the rear doors to make them suicide doors, possibly yanking the underpowered 6-cyl and replacing it with a big-block V8, changing the windshield wipers from vacuum-powered to electric (mostly because they don't work now), fixing the rust, possibly putting larger rims on it, etc. Anyway, I will have photos up soon, I just need to borrow my friend's digital camera. As far as the sound system goes, right now it's chugging along with an Aiwa CDX217 head unit, and a pair of $50 speakers mounted behind the rear bench. YES, I said bench. The car has both a front and rear bench seat, meaning it can legally carry up to 6 passengers (and probably several more if they don't mind wearing seat-belts). My latest project was to fix the exhaust, because my car was really, really loud. We're talking set-off-car-alarms loud. However, I recently patched the hole in the pipe with a coffee can and two exhaust clamps, as well as an additional exhaust clamp to hang that part back up to the frame (that's where the hole was). There was also a 2-inch gap between the manifold and the pipe. This was where most of the noise was coming from. I got a donut (metal gasket) for it, and used a C-clamp and existing non-rusted-shut bolt to secure it. Now it purrs like a kitten. Next up, rust and wipers!

    As I said, photos will be up shortly, so don't worry! If you have any questions about my car, e-mail me at (that will change eventually, I will post so don't worry).


UPDATE: Pictures of my car! Woo! Enjoy! They're a bit big, so let it load.


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