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                       Here we are! A completely redesigned RPG Safehaven! For
                         those of you who know my original page, James's RPG
                         Safehaven, you know that it was, well, mediocre at best. That
                         shall all change though, I have new hope, a new look, a
                         new life! Uhhmm... I think. Anyways, enjoy!

     How dare you walk into the magic guild without even writing on our message board! NOW SIGN IT!


Final Fantasy VII | Final Fantasy VIII | Final Fantasy IX | Suikoden

| Suikoden II | Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete | Lunar 2: Eternal

Blue Complete | Grandia | Star Ocean: The Second Story | Chrono Cross

                | The Legend of Dragoon | Xenogears |

1. Xenosaga, sequel to Xenogears coming!   Go HERE for more information.
2. Final Fantasy Tactics coming to Sony's Greates hits.
3. Final Fantasy X will be released in Japan on July 19th (7/19). A United States release date has been       set for somewhere in the first quarter of 2002. Click HERE for more information.

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