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Hindsight formed in January 2003 from longtime collaborators (Drummer) Brandon Cole and (Bassist) Adam Wilson. The band was completed in March with the addition of the righteous guitar work of Sam Koon. The sound of Hindsight is so varied that even we cant really classify it, but it can best be described as Dave Grohl meets Dave Matthews. Hindsight blends the organic and classic rock influences of Sam (such as Dave Matthews and Sister Hazel) with Adam and Brandons progressive and pop rock influences (such as The Foo Fighters and Incubus) to form a whole new mix of Progressive-Agro Rock. One thing is for ceartin, we are not Emo, Screamo, or Core, or any of that other played out and overexposed empty music. Hindsight is about melodic bass lines, Hendrix like wailing, unrellenting drums, and Cobain like vocals. With that    said, those of you looking for a Rock      alternative to the stagnant North Gwinnett Emo Scene, Hindsight is here to fulfill your need for substance and good old Rock and Roll!!!