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The Cajun Thief's Hideout!!

After a close call, Month 4 of the Cajun Thief's Hideout has arrived. Check out our Biography room. Also, I have an Opinion page, that I invite all to respond to. Currently, I rant about why Blade making an appearance in Gambit 4 as total BS!! For current isssue reviews check out my Series page. Issue 4 brings the cajun back to New Orleans to team with Blade and take down a Vampiric member of the Assassins Guild!! Enjoy and keep checking back, I hope to add a Gambit Gallery soon.Fan Fiction Is Here!! That's right, after many e-mail's suggesting it, I have added Chapter One of an exciting new Gambit crossover to this page. It is currently being hosted at Lantern's Light Enterprises which builds and maintains this site. Read it and mail them if you want more of the same.Thanks for stopping by and come back anytime!!

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