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A Crossover For The Ages
Chapter 1-The Beginning
"I wonder what to call this one?" , says freelance artist Kyle Rayner, as he looks over the latest drawing he has made of his roomate/girlfriend Jade. "How about 'Emerald Goddess'?" she suggests.. "Funny," laughs Kyle, "I had thought of that myself." The two lovers embrace, and enjoy a rare afternoon where Kyle isn't summoned off to his other job. That job being the last Green Lantern, member of the JLA, and all around weilder of the most powerful weapon on the planet. "What do you want to do now?", Jade asks. After a few moments, and a few winks from Kyle, she responds, "Not now, I'm still worn out from our training exercises this morning."
Meanwhile, the deal is going flawlessly, thinks Remy LeBeau, better known as the mutant thief Gambit, of the outlaw group the X-Men. "If t'ey keep tis up, I can go soon." he thinks to himself. The deal is you're standard drug heist, and Remy won't stand for it. Like a jaguar pouncing on its prey, Gambit dispatches the ruffians. :"Take this message to yer bosses," he says, "t'ere ain' no more of dis on my block. Got it??" The thug shakes his head and runs away. As the sounds of sirens fill the air, Gambit detonates the limo with some well placed cards and leaves.
"What was that?", says Jade. "I don't know, " says Kyle as he charges his ring, "but I plan to find out." Out of the third story flies Green Lantern. "Okay," thinks Kyle to himself, "the explosion came from this direction. But where is it?" Suddenly, a bright flash of pain engulfs Kyle as a strong left kick catches him in the chin. He lands on a nearby roof with a thud. When he wakes up, there are EMT's all around and the cops are looking for answers. GL shrugs off the inquiries and flies off to pursue his attacker.
"There was no sign whatsoever?" asks Jade. "None," says Kyle as she tends his bruised ego, "its like it just kicked my ass and disappeared." "Strange," replies Jade, "and you didn't see anything?" Kyle shakes his head, "Nope. I still have a hard time believing it." The two agree that the subject is ended and head off to bed.
Remy sits in a club on the upper west side called "Mardi Gras" it is ironic, that a cajun feels so lost in a bar named for the biggest party in the world. "You know," says the waitress, "you are WAY too cute too have a frown like that." Remy shrugs off the advance, "Nah, jes meetin' a frien' for business." She leaves Gambit to his thoughts, "I wonder who the New Son is sending this time?" In the door walks Courier, a Tom Cruise wannabe, and International messanger extraordinaire. "Gambit, the New Son has a project for you." This is a kind way of saying that it is time for Gambit to stop crime fighting and do some crime causing. You see, even though Gambit is a hero, he owes the New Son a very great debt..So to repay it, he steals for the New Son. It is better than freezing to death in the Arctic, is how Remy shrugs off the return to crime. "Here is the dossier," says Courier, "it has the specs for the heist, and a number to call when you complete the job." Gambit takes the folder, "What is it this time?" he asks. "You are to take a weapon that is travelling through New York, and get it for the New Son." Gambit thumbs through the files, "Why does the New Son want this weapon?" Courier responds impatiently, "It is not you're place to question the New Son. Would you prefer a trip back to where we found you?" Gambit shivers. "I thought not. Now let's leave at different times." Courier dances with a couple of club girls on the way out, and exits the club. "Waitress!", calls Gambit, "give me a plate of whiskey shots and charge it to this card." It is a good time to get drunk, the wrongness of the New Son seems less then. Any way, Courier won' miss his Visa.
Meanwhile across town, Green Lantern flies the city in search of his mystery assailent. ""He has to be around here somewhere," he thinks to himself, "then again, with the ability to sneak up on a Green Lantern he could be on the other side of the world by now." Like a flash, Kyle catches glimpse of an airborne unknown out of his left eye. Before the other can react, Kyle snares him in a web made by his ring. The unknown goes crashing to a nearby rooftop. Kyle lands, "Who the hell are you?" The words barely escape his mouth when he has to dodge a photon blast aimed for his head. Kyle forms a gun with his ring, "If you think a little pyro display will stop me yu are SO wrong!!" Kyle fires and the assailent dodges out of harms way. "How the hell did he escape my ring's creation?", Kyle thinks to himself, "he doesn't seem so powerful. Kyle kicks his opponent in his teeth, "Just give in and talk, it will be less work for both of us." The only response Kyle gets is a club in the back of his head, "Leave my brother alone, the Mengo brothers have nothing to do in you." Grigori responds, "It is 'with you' not 'in you', when in Rome" corrects Stanislaus. Two super charged cards fly to each of them, "I t'ink you bot' had best leave now with yer teeth in check." Gambit flashes a wry smile as the two villains fire a spread patternand dodge to opposite sides of the other. "We have been waiting for you Gambit.", says Grigori. "Yes," says Stanislaus, "our employer wants this one removed." He says as he points to the fallen Green Lantern. "then our boss will help us to rid ourselves of you," sneers Grigori. "Fat chance," shouts Kyle as he catches the Mengo's in duel matching electric chairs, "now tell me who you are working for, behore I slip and let ol' sparky do his thing." A shadow passes overhead and both Gambit and Green Lantern are slammes to the ground and held in place. "An introduction to you Green Lantern, is not needed." Kyle gasps, "You!!" "Yes, Doctor Polaris has returned. Let all heroes despair!!"

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