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A hole in the world geared toward me and my interests. Why? Because this is the internet, and where better place than here? Besides, if it were geared towards you and your interests, it wouldn't my site, anyway.

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Have you ever had one of those moments where you look at something that you did several years ago, that you thought was so amusing, and suddenly realize that it wasnít nearly as funny as you once thought it was? I think we've all had those moments (and if you haven't, you probably aren't old enough to be here, anyway). Well, I had one of these epiphanies last week as I wandered through my site. My gawd, how Iíve changed. As a result, this website will be going through some changes in the next few weeks, as I become bored enough to make them. Please bear with me as I twist this thing back into a form familiar to the present-day me. Thank you for your patience, and let me know what you think of the changes I make, either in my guest book, or via email.

On Jaime I warned you.... This section features rants and ravings, poetry, an in-depth and a not-so-in-depth bio on yours truly, plus a journal-type deal with occasionally updated material.

Joke Archive With the invention of email came tons of wasted mailbox space dedicated soley to jokes. Why? Because real life generally blows. Save space. Send this link instead.

Movie Mania! Because what kind of anti-socialite would I be without them? I am the movie fanatic of the worst sort: I have no taste. Hey, at least I know it. And now you do, too. On the other hand, are you willing to pass up the movie script to the Princess Bride and Monty Python and the Holy Grail (along with other tasty morsels) just because I enjoy the Matrix?

Music This is a work-in-progress. Let me put it this way--if you think my taste in movies is bad... I dig cock rock, it's weakness. Bad 80's hair metal? Oh yeah. But I also dig other music as well, in fact, my taste in music ranges all over the place. So take a peek, and don't worry, I listed those bad 80's bands last.

Books! I work in a book store. Do you have any idea how long my "things to read" list is? Not to mention all the things I want to buy each time I go to work. No doubt the evil corporate monkeys at Barnes and Noble are hooting at my agony. The bastards. Here are some of those books that I want, and why.

Links n' Rings Links to friends and sites I'm addicted to, as well as webrings. Yes, I'm an attention whore, I want everyone to know who I am, just like everyone else who has a website (hey, I never said I was original).

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