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rrspare's pebcaks

Sibby was our first, lived for 16 years and left us 5 years ago.He was a total joy, almost human, and being deaf, as so many white cats are, his awareness of our presence was enhanced by his always following us to be near enough to see, rather than hear us. His name was derived from the composer, Sibelius.
Mobee: Came to us a year later, as a companion for Sibby. He loved it, she didn't. She was sweet only to the wife, cuddled with her constantly, and merely tolerated Sibby and me. She left us just after Christmas, 1999 after 19 years. She was named for Mozart and Beethoven.

Coco: (No pic yet, he's too "big" and too lazy to sit up) Came to us soon after Sibby left as a companion for Mobee. Yeah, right, she ignored him too. He's a total wuss, scared of everything that makes the slightest sound, but so sweet natured. He's part Siamese, hence his coloring determined his name. He's 5.


Aptly named (son of Sibby) and almost a clone/reincarnation. He came to us by intuition. She was out shopping one day and "something" told her that Sibby was calling her to the Animal Shelter. She changed course, and there he was, also white, also deaf, and with the same mannerisms. He was just 4 this week.

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