SLC Down Under Gatherings

Photos by Spooky

Royal Easter Show

From the very first Sydney SLC get-together, at the Royal Easter Show. Believe it or not, we only took photos of the kids, not the adults D'oh! 
Anyway, this photo is of Ronan Spooky-son, Kai Spooky-son and Alana Down Under. You can clearly hear, in the recovered black box flight recorder for the flight, the sounds of people praying for their lives :)

Brisbane in September

This is the Australian synchronised drinking team for the Sydney Olympics. From left: Daryn Voss, Spooky, bbos (friend of Spooky's) and Lulu.

The team receiving their medals. From left: Spooky, Lulu, Daryn Voss.

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Washington, DC (1999)


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