PassionLair: What One LairMistress Thinks Is Important (After Music)

This is a very special LairLinks SubComplex dedicated to Issues, Causes, Passions, Crazes, Hobbies, and other things important to me personally, whether or not anyone else gives a tinker's damn about them. Here are links to Activist organizations, Free Clipart sites, Women's Spirituality resources, and Seattle Culture-related sites, among other things. Enjoy this Lair--it's going to be a mighty big one.


PassionLairs for Peace, Justice and Nonviolence

PassionLairs for Iraq: Activist and Informational Sites
More Peace/Justice and Fair Trade Activist Lairs
Lairs of the Goddess: Women's Spirituality Page
NEW! Religious Left PassionLair

PassionLairs for Fun, Profit and Addictive Surfing

Special LairLinks Page for Halloween/Samhain/Days of the Dead
As the Cyber Crow Flies: E-Cards LairLinks
SculpeyLairs: Following in the Steps of the Cucuteni Potters
Lair of the Gaels: Irish Language Lessons and Resources
Hey Kids! It's the Lair's New FunCave Arcade (Online Games/Puzzles LairLinks)

PassionLairs That Got Thrown Together at the Last Minute...

Indie/Alt-Media: NewsLairs That DON'T Watch What They Say
NEW! Navigating SeaTown Online: LairLinks to Help Figure Out Seattle



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