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From :  Mike C 
Sent :  Saturday, September 16, 2006 9:02 PM 
To :  bsa-t453
Subject :  [bsa-t453] Campfire for Family Camp 

Dear Troop, 
Remember that each patrol has to prepare two skits for
the campfire, and copious amount. Furthermore, Mr.
Hung and Brian K are organizing the campfire. 

Mike Cai 

From : 	Mike C
Sent : 	Wednesday, September 20, 2006 10:58 PM
To : 	bsa-t453
Subject : 	[bsa-t453] Updated Family Camp Imformation!

Dear Troop,
We have revised some important imformation in the
Family Camp agenda.

There will be no hiking to the picnic areas. Instead,
we are driving directly to the picnic areas.


I. Each patrol has to bring a hoola hoop for the game

II. Each patrol has to bring a bucket for the sand

III. Also, as many small sized balls as you have for

Please do attempt to see the attached file for more
details in the agenda.

Mike C 

Agenda (Updated 09/21)
Site Assignment, Camp and Hiking Map
Gear Check-List and Help Needed (Updated 09/21)
Driving Direction
Permission Slip