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If you are interested in joining a group of Arab (mainly postgraduate) students studying in the UK to engage in e-mail conversations, then you are cordially invited to join "Aranib."

Aranib is a private forum, with 60 members currently on the mailing list. Our nationalities are quite diverse: Algerian, Bahraini, Egyptian, Iraqi, Libyan, Mauritanian, Moroccan, Omani, Palestinian, Sudanese and Syrian; but we wish to become even more diverse!

We are interested in a host of subjects including: discussing current affairs; socializing through stories, jokes and poems; and organizing trips and competitions. You are also welcome to suggest any new subjects.

At present, our method of communication is by sending and receiving e-mail to and from our central address. E-mails are circulated immediately, or at specific times of the day. To join, simply fill the form provided here .

We wish to end by expressing our desire to see new people join us, not only to make Aranib a real success, but also to bring young Arabs who are far away from their homelands, closer.