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Aranib is an independent PRIVATE mailing list dedicated to the encouragement of communication and co-operation among Arabs, and people interested in Arab affairs and culture.

1. Membership

The current regulations state that to become a member the applicant needs:
    1.1 To be nominated by at least one member of Aranib.
Or else,
    1.2 Stand for a 5 (working) day vetting period, during which any member of Aranib can ask questions about the applicant. Furthermore, the Aranib membership reserves the right to reject an application, according to the conditions of the Decision Making Process on Aranib (see section 3)

2. Rights of Members

    2.1 Right to Uncensored Broadcast: Each member of Aranib has an unalienable right to uninterrupted, uncensored broadcast of e-mails to the membership of Aranib.
    2.2 Right to Equal Vote: (In a voting process) each member of Aranib has an equal vote to any other member of Aranib.
    2.3 Right to Privacy: Personal information (available on Aranib) about a member is ultimately owned by that member. And, he/she has the right to control that information as he/she sees fit.
    2.4 Providing they have not been ejected, former members who wish to rejoin, can do so without the need for a recommendation or a new vote. .

    3. Decision Making Process

    Decisions in Aranib are made by:
      3.1 Consensus of the membership.
    If not, then by
      3.2 The Voting Process: Decisions are made by the simple majority of votes cast during polling.

    4. Administration

      4.1 Selection: The administration of Aranib consists of one or more members of Aranib. Any member of Aranib can nominate and get nominated for an administrative post. All members of the administration are chosen from the nominees according to the Decision Making Process (Section 3). Elections for an administrative post are held when there is more than one nominee for that post.
      4.2 Duties of Administration: The administration of Aranib is elected for a fixed term of one year (starting from the time of election). The duties of the administration are:
        4.2.a Maintaining the Rights of Members (section 2).
        4.2.b Ensuring the smooth delivery of the Aranib mail to the membership and managing the various resources of Aranib.
        4.2.c Development (if possible) of the services of Aranib.
        4.2.d New applications are submitted to Aranib via the administration. And, members wishing to suspend or terminate their membership should notify the administration.
      4.3 Members of the Administration carry out voluntary tasks. The administration execute their responsibilities in consultation with the rest of the membership. They are accountable for their actions towards the rest of the membership of Aranib.

5. Protocols

  • Members are requested not to
    • 5.1 Post the same e-mail to Aranib simultaneously with other mailing lists or newsgroups (to prevent non-member cross-posts)
  • Members are ESPECIALLY requested to refrain from
    • 5.2 Mailing material with intent to cause technical disruption to the Host machine (such as mail bombs).
      5.3 Forwarding an Aranib e-mail to other newsgroups without seeking and securing prior permission from the copyright owner(s). (see also item 2.3)

    6. Recommended Guidelines

  • Members are encouraged to:
    • 6.1 To maintain a healthy, relaxed and good-spirited atmosphere on Aranib.
      6.2 Contribute regularly to the discussions and debates held on Aranib.
  • Members are expected not to:
    • 6.3 Inflame other members' feelings. To act tolerantly, and restrain themselves from producing unduly heated responses to e-mails.
      6.4 Not to attack the persons of other members.
      6.5 Not to use clearly foul language.
  • Disclaimer

  • This Charter is not protected from change. Any changes to the Charter follow from the Decision Making Process on Aranib.
  • Amendment I

  • The administrator should not admit new applicants who are not resident in the UK if the number of current non-UK-resident members is greater than one-fourth [a quarter] of the total number of members.