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Brief history

Brief history
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Recent News: Participation in The 3rd Arab Communities Conference in October was successful we presented a paper on Aranib:  'The Virtual Arab Community'!

It started in Ramadan 1994 with overseas graduates and postgraduates, as a network for Arab friends in London, the initial idea behind the Arab Network in Britain, as a forum for free dialogue. The name was Nexus1, this was redefined as The Arab Network In Britain in the following months, or ARANIB in short2, to give it a focused and accessible scope. On May 3, 1994, a new central account for the mailing list was launched3, and on September our web site was launched4 providing us with new member applications. In May 1995, a committee was formed to draft the ARANIB charter5. In order to limit the proportion of non-UK based members, the membership voted to amend the charter to enable one sixth of the members to be non-UK based, however in 1999 this increased to one fourth. 1998 saw the central account move to ARANIB is going from strength to strength -- make it stronger!

 List of Administrators

  • May 2000, Omer Rana, Khalid Farrage & Diaa Hadid
  • May 1999, Najla Abu-Taleb elected
  • October 1998, Mohammed Al-Hussaini re-elected
  • October 1997, Mohammed Al-Hussaini elected
  • October 1996, Nawwaf Kharma elected.
  • October 1995, Ahmad Shihab re-elected.
  • August 1994, Ahmad Shihab elected.
  • Spring 1994, Nawwaf Kharma elected.

1 as suggested by Nawwaf Kharma

2 as suggested by Usama Al-Bahaarna

3 by Ahmed Shihab

4 by Omer Rana

5 The committee's members were Nawwaf Kharma (head), Amina Znaidi and Ahmed Al-Shabibi.

Ra'id Al-Jamali and Ahmad Shihab also helped in drafting the final version.