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The Eternal Earth Eden Project: Questions & Answers About Us:

A. We believe in the 4 Spiritual Hippie Laws, as quoted in the beginning of this tract. We believe that jesus taught the full equality of both sexes and all races. See Galatians 3:28. We agree with the view expressed by the Native American Sun Bear in his book Black Dawn, Bright Day, that the correct translation of the Bible render Jesus' words as explaining an end to this 'AGE', the world AGE here comes from the Greek word 'AEON', and NOT the END OF THIS physical WORLD...aka many have taught. See Ecc 1:4 and also see the footnotes in the Living Bible or Living Translation at Matthew chapters 6 and 24. We believe that the word 'HELL" is simply a mistranslation of the Hebrew owrd 'SHEOL', which translates into English as "Humanity's Common Grave." We carry these flyer/tracts FREE upon request. Our goal and only aim is to encourage people to form a friendship with God and Jesus. We encourage you to look up these peace inspiring Scriptures: Psalm 37:10, 11, 29; Isaiah 65:21; 23:1, 2, 6,10; 45:18; 55:12,13 Ecclessiastes 1:4; Psalm 143:11; 145:5.

The Eternal Earth Eden Project

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