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Jailyn at home

Hello and  Welcome!

I am glad you could stop by and visit my little virtual parlor.  This site is about my transgendered world!

I also hope to point you toward others and information you might find enlightening about transgenderism and the "T" community in general. If you too have been "blessed" by the "T" fairy,  perhaps you might find a little comfort in knowing you are not alone out there.



As I am a conservative sort of girl, nothing about this site or it's links are of a pornographic or indiscrete nature. Nevertheless, if you are offended by such topics in general, I would encourage you to find another beach to surf !

I began construction on this site in  October of 1997.  I didn't get very far very fast!  Still, little by little I have added to it and I hope you find my work to be of value.

Please DO check out my new beauty website.  I have not even begun to finish it but I do have a LOT of useful information in place especially in the makeup areas.

Also, if there is a topic you would like me to add to this site, please let me know via email!  Also, if there is something you would like to know specifically about me...please WRITE!

You can always Email me (I LOVE to get mail!)  Just click the envelope below!



Please Email me and tell me what you think of my site!
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