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HI! And Welcome to My Beauty Site

This beauty site is dedicated to all my TG sisters and is my effort to give a little back with our to community and to honor to all my sisters who helped me on my own journey.  This site is a collection of beauty information specifically designed for the M2F transgendered person although GG's may derive benefit from some of the information presented.

It is in progress and I work on it when I can to add to its content and value.

To save you time and trouble of pushing buttons that lead to no content, I have placed an asterisk* next to  topics that are under construction (sorry...there is a lot of asterisks right now!).

Please be sure to try out my new Beauty Message Board!  See the link to the left of click here!

I hope you find the site enjoyable and helpful.

Oh! And please help me with corrections (if only typos and bad grammar!) and your own tips.  Tips that are added from contributors will be credited if you wish me to use your name (just let me know!)

THANKS for stopping by! And if you think this site is worth commenting on, please drop me an email!

Best Wishes,