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Theresa (Schulte)and Otto Ahrens

My Schulte family tree begins with John Henrick Schulte who had a daughter THERESA. I don't know very much about the Schulte side of the family.

All we have is a few lines written in a reunion diary that has been kept for years and years. Theresa Schulte was the daughter of John Henrick Schulte and Mary Birch . Mary's father was believed to be a full-blooded Indian Chief of the Winnebago Tribe in Wisconsin.

I haven't researched this yet so I have no idea who the chief actually was at that time or if this was just a family story. When John was seriously injured in an accident, Mary fled. Theresa was put in a convent until she was about 15 years old. Then her father took her to live with him and her step-mother in Chicago.

I have had a wall come down since I posted that part of the page and have found out more about my Great Grandfathers side of the family. There are still lots of mysteries about him to find since his family lost contact with him at some point after he came to the USA. After his father died in 1881 his mom and 3 siblings moved from Steinfeld , Harpen village, (Lower Saxony) Oldenburg, Germany to Ottoville, Putnam County, Ohio. One brother remained in Germany. I found Theresa in 1880 census living in Putnam County Ohio with the Clement Wehri family. Josephine Schulte was married to Frank Wehri. I have found out that Josephine is her aunt, the sister of John Schulte. So at some point before the Wehri's moved to Minnesota they took in the niece of their Daughter-in-law to live with them. I have not found records of her orphanage or the story of her Native American mother. The Schulte family were Catholic so possibly she was cared for by nuns for part of her life. In the early 1880s the Wehri family moved from Ohio to Minnesota so on the trip is where I suspect they dropped Theresa in Chicago with her father. John Henrick married in Chicago and is buried in Chicago with his wife Sophie.

Theresa did housework for wealthy families until she married Otto Ahrens on April 23, 1892 in Chicago.

They moved to a farm near Kankakee, Illinois where they raised their 10 children."

My Schulte Family

1. Laurentis Schulte b. 1659 m. Anna Margretha Kenkel b. 1679

Arnold Caspar Schulte b. 1696 d. 1778

2. Arnold Caspar Schulte m. Anna Maria Hermhusen b.1702


Arend Caspar Schulte b. 1737

3. Arend Caspar Schulte m. Anna Margaretha Neencamp b. 1743 d. 1813


Herman Gerd Schulte b. 1774

4. Herman Gerd Schulte m. Marie Agnes Luebke b. 1785 d.1857


Herman Anton Schulte b. August 23, 1806 d.

5. Herman Anton Schulte b. August 23, 1806 in Steinfeld , Harpen village, (Lower Saxony) Oldenburg, Germany d. Steinfeld , Harpen village, (Lower Saxony) Oldenburg, Germany m. Maria Agnes Steltonpohl b. August 25, 1819 Steinfeld/Harpendorf ,( Niedersachsen), Germany d. December 28, 1891 Ottoville, Putnam County, Ohio


John Henrick Schulte b. September 09, 1842 Steinfeld , Harpen village, (Lower Saxony) Oldenburg, Germany d. November 24, 1903 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois m. Mary Birch ? m2. Sophie Mellis

Josephine Schulte b. October 09, 1853 Steinfeld , Harpen village, (Lower Saxony) Oldenburg, Germany d. June 03, 1927 St. Clem, North Dakota m. Frank Wehri

Maria-Elizabeth Schulte b. February 04, 1851 Steinfeld , Harpen village, (Lower Saxony. Oldenburg, Germany d. August 02, 1929 Clover Dale, Ohio m. Clemens Kamphus

Anton 'Anthony' Schulte b. October 11, 1859 1851 Steinfeld , Harpen village, (Lower Saxony. Oldenburg, Germany d. May 06, 1936 Putnam or Allen County, Ohio m. Agnes 'Elizabeth' Vorst m2 . Mary Ann Beining 1898

Joseph 'Josef' Bernard Schulte b. August 15, 1848 d. 1935 1851 Steinfeld , Harpen village, (Lower Saxony. Oldenburg, Germany m. Wilhemina Trenkamp

6. John Henrick Schulte m. Mary before 1872.

Maria Theresa Schulte

7. Maria Theresa Schulte M. Otto Ahrens

Cook County Marriage License

John Schulte

Name John Schulte

Age 37

Birth Year (Estimated) 1843

Birth Date 1843

Spouse's Name Sophie Mellis

Spouse's Age 45

Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1835

Spouse's Birth Date 1835

License Type Marriage

Event Date 18 Dec 1880

Event Place Cook, Illinois

Additional Relatives Y


"Illinois, Cook County Marriages, 1871-1920,"


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