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Theresa (Schulte)and Otto Ahrens

My Schulte family tree begins with John Schulte who had a daughter THERESA.

I don't know very much about the Schulte side of the family.

All we have is a few lines written in a reunion diary that has been kept for years and years.

Theresa Schulte was the daughter of John Schulte and Mary Birch . Mary's father was believed to be a full-blooded Indian Chief of the Winnebago Tribe in Wisconsin.

I haven't researched this yet so I have no idea who the chief actually was at that time or if this was just a family story.

When John was seriously injured in an accident, Mary fled.

Theresa was put in a convent until she was about 15 years old. Then her father took her to live with him and her step-mother in Chicago.

Theresa did housework for wealthy families until she married Otto Ahrens on April 23, 1892 in Chicago.

They moved to a farm near Kankakee, Illinois where they raised their 10 children."


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