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Ahrens Kids Photo Album ">
Ahrens Kids' Photo Album



Otto and Theresa Ahrens and Great Uncle Charles Ahrens

The Otto Ahrens family. <

Another of the early Ahrens family pictures.

Otto and Theresa Ahrens family(1937)

Rudy and Anna Ahrens wedding picture 10/23/1929

Rudy Ahrens family 1952

Our house caught on fire in the fall of 1961.

A Sunday at Grandma Ahrens farm. This is a picture of some of us Ahrenskids cousins.

Amede Rabideau and Julie Vanderlinden pictures taken on their wedding day.

My grandfather Frank Rabideau

The Cote sisters, Claudia or Helen and my grandmother Zoe Cote


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