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A good way to improve your Lead Guitar skills is to study Instrumental Rock. The December 2000 issue of GuitarOne magazine published its list of the best instrumental rock songs of all time. Although I may feel that classics like The Champs 1958 Number One hitTequila and The Surfaris 1963 Number Two hit Wipe Out may have been over looked, the list shown below is a great place to start to explore Instrumental Rock.

Sleepwalk (1959)Santo & Johnny
Walk Don't Run (1960)The Ventures
Pipeline (1963) The Chantays
Steppin' Out (1965) Eric Clapton
Jessica (1973) Allman Brothers
Blue Wind (1976) Jeff Beck
Lenny (1983) Stevie Ray Vaughan
The Attitude Song (1984) Steve Vai
Satch Boogie (1987) Joe Satriani
Cliffs of Dover (1990) Eric Johnson

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