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                 "Clearwater Dreaming" by LF Lavery

1. The sun will shine tomorrow morning, like it tried to do today.
   The rain that gave no warning will be gone and far away.  
   Tonight down at Pier 60, thatís where everybody comes, 
   to drink those Margaritas and watch the Gulf swallow the sun.


   Here on the white sand, just across from the bay..ay..ay, 
   Iíll be Clearwater Dreamíin, a half a block from Mandalay.   

2. Thereís Cooderís bar and several Frenchiesí, dispensing food and                                
   liquid fun.  
   They start with the lunch crowd and go until the day is done.     
   Captain Bill and his sweet Linda, sailed in just on time, to meet  
   Jerry and Sheryl at the bar they call Scene Of the Crime.    

3. Like those coeds in the springtime, just parading down the street,   
   when I was hers and she mine, the feeling could not be beat.  
   The lights from the hi-rise shine like diamonds on the beach, 
   they remind me of her eyes, and just as out of reach. 

   Night breeze sways the palm trees the darkness cools the air, 
   as I look through the moonlight, I think I see her there.  
   But itís all in my mind, Iím as wrong as I can be, 
   cause I have known for a long time, you cannot see a memory.   

4. Itís 2 am and time for closing, the Mandalay Grill, 
   time to drink all our drinks down and time settle up our bill. 
   Weíll start again in the morning , when the sun lights up the sky, 
   and weíll be thankful we are living, one more day in paradise.  

                   Copyright (c) 2009 by LF Lavery

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