This is my new obsession for June, this band is completely amazing. I saw them live last month at Pensacola. It was truely amazing. This was the first time i've ever seen a actually somewhat known band live, i couldn't have asked for a better first time. Every inch of my body ached for about a week and a half after the show, it was absolutly one of the most amazing things i've ever done.

This band is interesting in one glance because i've never seen a band before this one where the lead vocalist is also the drummer, +isn't he supposed to be playing guitar or something?!+ anything this little bit makes the band oh so special.

Not the mention that the band is extremely talented, and i love their new cd *the better life*, every song on there is packed with very meaningful lyrics, and good background music. +i'm one for lyrics more then music.. but i love the music part as well+ I can directly identify to most of their songs (espesh Duck and Run, and Loser). Now, brad arnold is absolutly sexy +you didn't think i would actually obsess over a band that didn't have at least one good looking member did you?+. Brad is the vocal/drummer. Most of pictures aren't so great, but at the concert he was looking extremely sexxy.

That's all for this month, here's a perfect site for you to find anything from more pictures, to tabs, to lyrics.

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