So its april.. mid-april i admit.. but i got the page up. This month's adoration is Kittie. The new *chick band* in town as they say, but have no misgivings Kittie is not another form of the Spice Girls. Opinions on Kittier are mixed.. seem to be a band that one loves or one hates. I am one of their loving fans. I don't know much about them, you can click on the picture or logo up top to find their page. I can say that they've toured with the likes of Slipknot *a band i don't like..* and are booked for OzFest. This isn't normally my type of music, but they are really good. Not as much shouting nonsense as might be suspected, but there is a bit of shouting in some of their songs. I've got their new Cd *Spit* and i love it... the best songs are probably Brackish and Paperdoll... i'm sure you can find the MP3 for Brackish if you look... it seems to be floating around. The band also, of course is amazingly attractive.. i fancy the bassist.. go find pictures and the like and i'm sure you'll agree. Au revior.

March's Obsession -- Strangers with Candy