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Shito Ryu Karate Do

Shito Ryu Karate Do was founded by the late master Kenwa Mabuni. Mabuni Sensei lived in Okinawa and studied under two famous masters. They were Yasutsune(Anko) Itosu of Shuri Te(early Shorin Ryu) and Kanryo Higa(shi)onna of Naha Te(early Goju Ryu). Mabuni Sensei was a loyal student that took the pure teachings of both styles and blended them together to create Shito Ryu. The name Shito is a conjunction of Japanese characters from the master's names and Ryu is defined as a school(of thought or practice). Mabuni was so loyal in fact that when his beloved teacher Anko Itosu died legend says that Mabuni lived at his gravesite for one year diligently practicing the katas he was taught.

Dento Ryu Kobudo

The term Dento means "Traditional". Though there are many styles of kobudo usually named after a particular family like Matayoshi or Yamani, Dento takes the teachings of each system and passes them on purely as they were originally taught with absolutely no changes. Check our kobudo page for a list of kata and weapons taught.

Goshin Budo Jiujitsu

Goshin Budo Jiujitsu is a highly developed system of traditional jiujitsu. Please check out our Jiujitsu page for rank requirements.

The Traditional Karate Association

The Traditional Karate Association was founded in 1980 by Ricky Adams. The reason Adams Sensei founded the TKA was because of the politics found in other associations. The point of Karate Do is the perfection of character. Students are taught to be peaceful and non-confrontational therefore theri association should exemplify this attitude.....hence the formulation of the Traditional Karate Association. In 1995 the TKA High Dan Board reviewed and voted to title Sensei Adams as Kaicho (Director or President) of the Traditional Karate Association. This was a position he always held but the High Dan Board believed it important to have Mr. Adams position distinguishable from the other Senseis within the association. Please go to our membership page for more information on how you or your school can become a charter school for the TKA.

About Kaicho Adams
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