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Kaicho Ricky Adams is the Chairman/Director of the Traditional Karate Association. Here is a brief history of his training background:

Kaicho Adams began studying Karate, Kobudo and Jiujitsu simultaneously in 1973. He received the following ranks:


Shodan - 1975
Nidan - 1978
Sandan - 1980
Yondan - 1983
Godan - 1986
Rokudan - 1990


Shodan - 1975
Nidan - 1978
Sandan - 1980
Yondan - 1985
Godan - 1990


Shodan - 1978
Nidan - 1981
Sandan - 1986


In addition to the previous training Kaicho Adams has also been studying Mu Gai Ryu Hyo Do Iaido since 1984. Although he never received "Official" rank in Iaido he did learn all of the gata in the system directly from Soke Shogo Kuniba.

Championships & Awards

Kaicho Adams has won more than 200 awards for local, regional, national and international competitions. Below are some of the more notable victories.

1993 USAKF Southeast Regional Black Belt Kumite Champion

Silver Medalist Kobudo
Silver Medalist Kata
-Held in Memphis, TN

1993 USAKF National Black Belt Kumite Champion

-Held in Phoenix, AZ

1997 International Silver Medalist in Black Belt Kumite at the International Traditional Karate Federation Championships

-Held in Las Vegas, NV

1998 International Master's Kata Champion

Silver Medalist in Kobudo

-Held in Los Angeles at the Japan Karate-Do Ryobukai Championships

1998 International Master's Kata Champion

Silver Medalist in Kobudo

Silver Medalist in Kumite

-Held in Nassau, Bahamas at the Bahamas International Karate Championships


Kaicho Adams maintains and builds upon his wealth of martial knowledge. He is currently working over 120 different kata:
Karate - 72 kata
Kobudo - 35 kata
Iaido - 23 kata

Internationally Recognized

In addition to having trained with many of the top masters of our time, Kaicho is often called on for his expertise and knowledge of some of the more subtle or obscure features of the martial arts. Kaicho Adams was featured in the October 1997 issue of Black Belt magazine. The article was written by Andrew Blackburn and featured photos of Kaicho. The article titled "White Crane Karate" discussed Okinawan Karate's link to the White animal that embodies many physical, mental and spiritual aspects of karate and its roots through China and into Okinawa.

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