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Birds we have!!!

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Potentially Poisonous Plants for your bird Signs and Symptoms of a Sick Bird Food, Vitamins and Minerals For Your Bird"
First Aid Measures and The Do Not Give to Your Bird Helpful Hints In Buying and Raising Birds A First Aid Kit For Birds
Safe Plants for your Home Sex Determination Things to remember when going to a Veterinarian

Welcome to our WeCare Aviary Web Site. We offer
information on several types of birds along with
a general care and care for your birds. The general
care recommendations are those most common. The
first Aid recommendations provide safe and simple
guidlelines to follow when your bird is sick, however
they will not work in every case. Your veteriarian
should always be consulted first, before any home
treatment is attempted and at the earliest signs of

If the advise of your veterinarian is contrary to that
found here, be sure to follow his or her prescription
for the care of your bird. Veterinarians know best
because they will have the benefit of a thorough
history and a hands on examination.

Looking for a retirement center for your bird?
We take in and Love Birds for our pleasure. We love
giving birds a Happy home with lots of quality time
for our enjoyment. We give our birds a very good
and clean home with lots of attention. We have lots
of room and lots of playmates. We also provide clean
outdoor aviaries for the birds that love them. We
are very much bird lovers. At times we sell the
babies that are born as it helps pay for the seed.
If you have a bird and you are looking for a good
retirement home and you think we can help you, give
us a call or E-Mail us!!!

Please bookmark this page and enjoy your stay.
Thank you for visiting WeCare Aviary. We will be
bringing more information.


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