A section of my site dedicated to the fans and their stories and poems dedicated to Lord of the Rings, the cast of Lord of the Rings, etc. Please submit your stories and poetry. The more stuff the merrier =) Email your submissions to

Firedhelien by Princess Melody
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9
The story of a Firedhelien a girl who mysteriously finds herself in middle earth after finding an elf prince's brooch.

Mr. Middle Earth by TangoPlanet
Chapter 1
A funny comedy about the guys of middle earth. Its really funny check it out!

A Distinct Quest by Lady Danielle
Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Legolas is now on quest for a ring.

Untitled by Melli
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
Gimli and Legolas come upon a wild, untrustworthy girl while they are scoping the area. She has weapons from Mordor and trusts noone and for some reason is scared that they will bring her back to Mordor. Will they win her trust and calm the wild girl?

Allegiances and Promises by Eleclya
Chapter 1
After the War of The Ring, exiled Elves that refused to leave disagree with the coming rule of Men, and form an allegiance against them. The race of Men know nothing about it, until one of their own is allowed into the circle of the Elves, and makes an unexpected alliance for himself

Finding Yourself in Middle Earth
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
Lila's life really sucks. Her mother is a drugged achoholic, she cant find a guy who cares enough about her to help her and its tough. But after finding herself between the streets Middle and Earth she ends up in a place where she discovers: love, happiness, and herself. But will it last forever?

Jaishree's Fanfiction
Chapter OneChapter two
Aarien is a Lorien-maid,frightened after the loss of both her parents.Dark forces are upon her.

"Now Darkness Falls"
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 and Chapter 3

The Very Secret diary of Legolas Greenleaf by Bloombabe113

The Very Secret diary of Aragorn son of Arathorn by Bloombabe113

Green Eyed Love by me
My poem dedicated to Billy Boyd

Love is the Greatest Feeling by Melli
A love poem dedicated to Legolas

Hobbits by Jennifer
A short and sweet poem about hobbits

Farewell Boromir by Jennifer
This poem is so beautiful and so true...Farewell Boromir :*(

Untitled by Emily
A pretty Arwen poem