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Click here to read an excerpt from an interview with Jan Cremer, a writer and former lover of Jayne's. This interview was published in Playboy magazine.

It has been said that Jayne landed her first TV acting job after becoming frustrated with waiting in the casting office on three consecutive days. Her impatience getting the best of her, she scribbled a small note on a card and handed it directly to the producer. It simply said "40-22-34." She was hired on the spot!

Jayne's first publicity stunt, orchaestrated by herself and Jim Byron, was when she dressed up in a sexy Santa outfit and went around to newspaper offices giving away bottles of Scotch for Christmas presents.

The Beatles onced stated that Jayne Mansfield was the American moviestar they would most like to meet.
When they met at the Whiskey A-Go-Go in Hollywood, Jayne took vocal notice of John Lennon's shag hairdo and asked, " Is that real?" Glancing at her chest, his reply was, " Are those real? "

At one point in her career Jayne appeared so much in newspapers and magazines that the editors of the World Telegram and Sun posted a bulletin in their offices that barred her picture from the publication until further notice!

Jayne was crowned with many titles throughout her career. Afew of them are as follows; Queen of Refrigeration Week, Queen of Palm Springs Desert Rodeo, Cherry Blossom Queen, Queen Cotton, Nylon Queen, Gas Station Queen, Queen of the Chihuahua Show, Princess of the Freeways, Miss Neglige', Miss Tomato, Miss Direct Mail, Miss Lobster, Miss Photoflash, Miss Third Platoon, Miss Orchid, Miss 100% Pure, Miss One for the Road, Miss Blue Bonnet Belle, Miss Electric Switch, Miss Standard Foods, Miss Fire Alarm, Miss Fourth of July.

Jayne did many pictorials for Playboy magazine. There was one which caused a huge public outcry... It was the June, 1963 issue and it featured nude photos of Jayne from the set of the movie, Promises! Promises!. Consequently, Hugh Hefner was arrested in Chicago for publishing the pictures, but only ended up paying a small $200 fine.

Jayne's most well known incident of stealing the spotlight took place on April 17th, 1957 at Romanoff's in Hollywood. It was during a reception welcoming Sophia Loren to the States and commemorating her first U.S. film. Jayne sidled up to Loren's table wearing a very low-cut dress. ( "the neckline dropping to her navel", as one journalist put it)

Camera flashes abound when Jayne leaned over Sophia's shoulder to greet her. Many thought that Jayne's behavior had gone too far and that it could get her run out of Hollywood. It did. Although Fox initially reprimanded her behavior, it wasn't long before they sent her on a world tour.

In a statement on the condition of the U.S. public, the Reverand Billy Graham once said, " The present generation knows more about Jayne Mansfield's statistics than the Second Commandment which orders 'thou shall not make thee any graven image.' "

Jayne was supposed to play the part of Ginger on Gilligan's Island, but she turned it down.

Las Vegas entertainer, Engelbert Humperdinck, is the present owner of the Jayne's Pink Palace on Sunset Boulevard. He has preserved one hundred magazine front covers of Jayne behind a wall that he has put up in the home.