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Single Room Furnished (USA, 1968)
The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield (USA, 1968)
Guide for the Married Man, A (USA, 1967)
Mondo Hollywood (1967)
Spree (USA, 1967)
Las Vegas Hillbillys, The (USA, 1966)
The Fat Spy (USA, 1965)
Primitive Love (Italy, 1964)
Dog Eat Dog (USA - Italy - W.Germany, 1964)
Panic Button (USA, 1964)
Homesick for St. Paul (Germany, 1963)
Promises! Promises! (USA, 1963)
It Happened in Athens (USA, 1962)
The George Raft Story (USA, 1961)
Hercules vs The Hydra (Italy, 1960)
It Takes a Thief (Br., 1960)
Too Hot to Handle (Br., 1959)
The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw (Br., 1958)
Kiss Them for Me (USA, 1957)
The Wayward Bus (USA, 1957)
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (USA, 1957)
The Burglar (USA, 1956)
Female Jungle (USA, 1956)
The Girl Can't Help It (USA, 1956)
Hell on Frisco Bay (USA, 1955)
Illegal (USA, 1955)
Pete Kelly's Blues (USA, 1955)