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Welcome to Horror Movie Fan. This is a site dedicated to those films which make our flesh crawl, the brutally beautiful monsters of the silver screen. Immortal mass murderers and the undead rising from the grave. Hell fire and lakes of blood. All the treasured gore and more. Get your free Horror Movie Fan EMAIL Account.
Check out the Horror Movies section for all your favorite gory flicks like Phantasm, Hellraiser, Halloween and Friday the 13th. Get free downloads like horrormovie wallpaper, Desktop Themes, horror Emails and Games. Included here for a little fun are also some webdesign resources like Gifs & Annimations , various Horror and Horror Movie graphics to add to your website. You can get all your horrific audio like Horror movie themes and horror sounds on WAV and Midi at Horror Audio For all you Horror purchases visit the Horror Movie Fan Online Gore Store For great deals and hard to find merchandise. Movie action figures like Movie maniacs & Clive Barker's Tortured Souls click HERE

Take advantage of our Ghostwriter Services. If you have an idea for a movie but can't put it to paper, make the GhostWriter an offer and "IT" will write your movie for you. If you have horrific products or services Horror Movie Fan is now offering Horror Promotion. We want to Promote you because there is a whole dark underworld waiting to embrace you.

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