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Tales from the Crypt Alien Theme Ash "Bastards"
Ash "Bridges" Exorcist Theme Smell your Fear
Friday the 13th Halloween Theme Halloween "it's alive"
Hellraiser "PAIN" Outer Limits Phantasm
Raven V.Price Phantasm 3 Phantasm 2
Twilight Zone Vincent Price Werewolf in London
Werewolf Howl Freddys comming 4U "Halloween" Boogieman
"I'm not dead" Teaxas Chainsaw Intro Death Curse
End Friend Fresh Meat Care what GOD thinks?
Got the Body? It Burns Judith Myers Theme
Myers House Theme Nightmare Theme power of Christ Compels
The Shape Theme Such sites to show you Sow
Is he still there Bonehead got a bone ta pick
Can't kill the boogiman CRIPES Death Curse 2
Exorcist Laugh Gotcha Bastard That's Gotta Hurt
Groovy Hail He Happy Friday the 13th
Honey you got real ugly I am the Devil It's time Micheal
Jason's Mother Jesus Wept Kill her mommy
MICHEAL Micheal Story What your Pleasure Mr Cotton?
My name is Ash Raised in a barn? Scare
Screwheads Speed Kills Spinach Chin
Your sufering will be legendary suffering Give me some sugar baby
Swallow your soul Tear you soul apart Dusk til Dawn
Excellent day for an exorcism hail to the King Dead by Dawn
Lord of Illusions Here's Johnny Somebodies in my fruit cellar
Event Horizon
Horror Sounds Page II

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