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Freddy Vs Jason
Alien vs. Predator
Resident Evil
Van Helsing
Nightmare on Elm Street
Friday the 13th
Dracula Brides Trio Bust
As the lights fade and the scent of popcorn fills the air, a low grumbling fills your ears. The bassy tones shake your very bones, and with any kind of luck now you should be witnessing a brutal death as the music swells and blasts in your head. What is it that we so love about the horror film? I assume it has a little to do with almost being in a horrible situation like being stalked by a bloated corpse and near missing fatal extraction from this life we all hold so dear. Being in the middle of the horror, as it is happening yet actually being in no real danger at all, besides the untimely passing of gass the next row up. Fear IS most primal. When it comes down to ending a life or spilling your own guts. But fortunately most of us have or never will be in such a life threatening senario as plays out on countless screens big and small. What ever the draw, fear is the oldest of human emotions and it doesn't look like any of us will see an end to that within our short lives. And Probably that's a good thing. Check out the movies:
Friday the 13th Phantasm Hellraiser
Halloween  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Nightmare on Elm St
The Living Dead Evil Dead The Exorcist

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