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Danny Kaye was a true master of the arts.  Equally comfortable on stage, radio, big or small screen, or before live audiences, he charmed the world with his quick wit, unique sense of humor and amazing creative range.  Dancing, singing, acting or conducting, Danny Kaye mastered them all, endowing each with his own captivating style.
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For many years I have been a fan of Danny Kaye's works.  Only recently have I had the opportunity to start collecting his various movies and songs.  I never had the chance to see him perform during the height of his fame but I believe that they are as fresh and funny as when they were first made.  By following the links below, you'll be able to learn much more about this grand master of comedy.  For the people who are familiar with his works, I hope you enjoy learning more.  And for the others who are not, I hope this will inspire you to search them out.

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