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Judging Criteria

  1. Categories

    1. A float is any fully decorated structure or vehicle that depicts the parade theme.

      - Each float must be decorated over 90% or more of the unit, including truck cab or tow vehicle.

      - Floats are judged on design, including balance, artistic imagination, and the effectiveness of color combinations.

      - Materials and workmanship are considered, as well as the presentation of a theme and overall appeal.

      - The manner of propulsion (i.e. towing vehicle, self-propelled) is regarded as part of the float’s appeal, as well as the personnel and costuming that enhance its presentation.

    2. A decorated auto is a vehicle that is less than 90% decorated and does not depict the parade theme.
      (Please see above for float description as many confuse these two categories.)

  2. Rules

    1. Floats may not exceed 50 feet in length including the tow vehicle.

    2. Towing vehicles must be decorated.
      *Points will be deducted for towing vehicles which are not decorated.

    3. All floats shall have a skirt to cover the wheels within the bounds of safety.

    4. Signs must be professionally or neatly printed and should be proportional to each vehicle.

  3. Awards

    1. Non-commercial entry - Any entries designed and constructed by members of a non-commercial organization.

    2. Commercial entry - Any entry designed and constructed by members of a commercial organization or business.

    3. Floats - Any entry that adheres to the above mentioned definition of a float.
      (Cash prizes will be awarded to the best float entries.)

  4. Judging Criteria for Floats - 100 possible points awarded for the following areas:

    1. Overall appearance (30 points)
      *neatness, detail, beauty
    2. Originality and creativity (25 points)
    3. Workmanship (20) points)
      *detail of entry design with effective use of colors/materials
    4. Parade theme (15 points)
    5. *how well the entry depicts the parade theme
    6. Music (10 points)

    Bonus points will be awarded for the following:

    +50 bonus points for entries using floral sheeting
    +40 bonus points for entries using live flowers
    +30 bonus points for entries using artificial flowers
    +25 bonus points for entries with working/moving parts
    +20 bonus points for entries with live performers, musicians, or other entertainers
    +15 bonus points for entries whose towing vehicle is decorated

    Note: 10 points will be deducted for entries whose towing vehicle is not decorated.

  5. Judges
    Judges will be selected by the chairman of the Austintown 4th of July Parade and will receive detailed explanation of parade rules and judging procedures at least two weeks prior to the parade.