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May 9, 2003 : Konnichi wa and welcome to Ichigo-go! This site is dedicated to none-other then anime...the one thing I love most! ^^ I am going to add a bunch of things to Ichigo-go...which i'll list below. Hopefully i will be able to get my own domain or at least hosted...*sigh* that would be great! ^^ Any way i worked semi-hard on this layout since my first draft got deleted from my ever stupid pecie of shit computer...

Now you probaly are wondering what the heck is pocky? Pocky is a infamous japanese snack and is one of the bestest things ever created!! xD Pocky is a thin biscuit type cookie with coated with chocolate, strawberry, milk, and other various flavors. Pocky is also seen in many animes's and manga;s including Card captor Sakura, Onegai Teacher, Slayers, and X/1999.

Any way, now that you know what Pocky is, would you like to know more what is espected from the site? Well let me tell ya...I am going to add about me page which will mostly state things about me(a crazed pocky-lover-bishie-glomper freak who knaws on Sano plushies...e_e) and my site. The "you" page will have a bunch of things for you(including pre-made graphics or graphics i found across the internet that i liked...*whistled*, backgrounds, buttons, icons, and other things you might like.). Fanworks will have a gallery of fanart and fanfics of any anime or final fantasy game! Please send stuff to me so i can put it up here for you. When i get to it anime will have a list of almost all the anime's i have scene a a short description of them. The Pocky page...has no real meaning for it yet...but i am thinking about making it a clique...on pocky. ^^ And of course the back button takes you back to the last "MAIN PAGE" you were at.

I really do hope you enjoy my new angelfire site...and maybe...just maybe it will!!!!!! *sparkly eyes* would that be the bestest thing to ever happen....*sigh* Well its a dream...and probaly one that will not come true. oh well! Any way....please email me with ideas or anything(email ish down below)! ^_~ Well enjoy...

[note: this layout is PINK but is not ment to be preppy...or anything. I am an otaku and the woman up there is Mizuho Kizami(from onegai teacher). Pheer me if you flame me! Also there will be no HENTAI on this site even if the picture above is a little "revieling" ^^]


P.S. if you click around...little stars appear...make sure you click in the pink area though or else you wont see them since they are black...^^