Summer 2008
Vol. 16 No. 2

I should ask that a gift to each child in the world be a sense of wonder so indestructible that it would last throughout life..." Rachel Carson

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November 8
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Stewardship Report


Jake Adkins led a group of eight volunteers during the island Clean-Up. They collected two trailer loads of refuse from several of our sites. Special thanks to the Sikoras who continued working into the afternoon.

Down at Gibraltar Bay Pete Rock, Adam and Aaron Bickel were brave souls indeed; they took to the still cold water with kayaks to pick up trash in the Gibraltar Bay region. They covered the eastern edge of Round island as well as the areas around the Nature Area point. This complemented those who cleaned up the trash along the shoreline. The worst area was the southeastern side of the airport runway where the wind and waves coming off Lake Erie wash a lot of trash ashore. Trash included lots of foam chips, plastic, tires and even a boat tarpaulin.

On the hottest day recorded this June, Jake Adkins and his crew were out cutting down ash trees at the edge of one of our properties. As the thermometer reached 94 degrees and exhaustion beckoned, it was time to call it a job well done and safely done.

Good news was reported recently by Ken Tilp when he took special note of all the trees planted by the Conservancy last year at our property on Thorofare. All are doing well. Not a single one was lost in the heat of last summer or the cold of this winter.