Fall 2007
Vol. 15 No. 3
"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts."- Rachel Carson

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by Fred Pepper

Ron Schmaeman and Tom Saunders "dig in" to clean up the Grays Drive easement

photo by Fred Pepper

Stewardship volunteerism has increased significantly this year. One of our field work activities involved cleaning up the Grays Drive Easement property. Construction workers had illegally dumped debris on the easement. After a few phone calls, seven volunteers graciously came in and cleaned up the site. This was not easy work. It involved cutting back underbrush and digging partially buried scrap metal out of mud, but within a few hours and after a few scrapes and scratches, the job was completed. We had two other illegal dumping occurrences this year but fortunately they were eventually worked out to our satisfaction.

Another field work activity in the spring, involved planting eight trees (3 Burr Oaks and 5 Maples) on the Kobiljak lot. Approximately twenty five volunteers attended to help. Because of the size of the group, the work was completed before noon. Of course, planting trees is one thing and having them survive is another. During the summer drought, the trees had to be watered on a daily basis. Hopefully, the care they received will help them survive the winter and bud in the spring. They are guaranteed for one year.

Another activity involved visiting the Davidson easement in Flat Rock. This is a beautiful property, and our goal was to visit it more often and communicate with the easement donor (and other donors) more frequently.

Stewardship doesn't just involve field work. Sometimes it involves mundane record keeping, especially since we are responsible for maintaining the records on hundreds of acres of property. Currently, we are hard at work retrieving and consolidating records of quit-claim deeds, property appraisals and other anecdotal data, with the goal of developing two sets of books to be stored in two separate locations. This will protect the records in case one set is destroyed by fire or other unforeseen calamity.

In the next few weeks, several board members will be visiting each of the properties, taking pictures and setting goals for next year's stewardship agenda. Once we set the agenda, we will need volunteers to help with upcoming projects. If you are interested in helping with stewardship, contact any board member, listed on the last page of the newsletter, or GINLC President Liz Hugel at (734) 675-5336.